Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a malignant condition that affects the neck of the womb (uterus). The incidence of cancer of the cervix has declined in Australia due to the success of the Pap Smear screening program. Approximately 400 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer annually in Australia.


Cervical cancer may present with abnormal vaginal bleeding, such as bleeding after sexual intercourse. It may also be detected by the Pap Smear.


Treatment depends on the stage of the Cervical cancer. Early stage cervical cancer (stage one) may be treated with surgery, while later stage cervical cancer (stage two or higher) may require radiotherapy and chemotherapy as first-line treatment.


When Cervical cancer is suspected, Dr Amy Tang will take a thorough history and examination, and look through any tests and investigations that your referring doctor may have arranged. If the diagnosis of cervical cancer has not yet been confirmed, as part of the initial assessment for cervical cancer, Dr Amy Tang will perform a colposcopy at your initial consultation, and perform a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of cervical cancer. Once cervical cancer is confirmed, further tests will be performed to work out the extent or stage of the disease. A specialised radiological test called a PET/CT scan is typically performed, along with a detailed physical examination under general anaesthesia.

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